A Safer home can still be a Stylish home. 

THRIVE By design specializes in beautifully customized home design solutions for baby boomers, seniors and older homeowners.   

The Benefits of Working with THRIVE:

  • We minimize the ‘health hazards’ associated with aging, so you can live longer, safer, more comfortably and more independently within your current home.  
  • We work to enhance your experience at home so you can continue enjoying your home and hobbies to the fullest.  

As one of the few Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS) in Canada, THRIVE has quickly become a leader in providing stylish and practical aging at home solutions.  

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Expertise, Guidance and Advocacy

Unlike regular home re-design companies, THRIVE specializes in Aging In Place design.  We understand how to blend good design and the individual home needs of those aged 50+ years.

THRIVE focuses on practical, turn-key solutions and thoughtful design integration to create a home space that enhances your daily routines and experiences without sacrificing beauty or your individual sense of style. 

At THRIVE, safety and functionality is an integrated feature; and not at the sacrifice of customization or elegance.  Individuals – and family members – have peace-of-mind knowing that the home environment is more secure and functional and has been entirely customized for an individual’s needs.

We efficiently manage the entire process, from the initial consultation and assessment, to developing the design concept and effecting any necessary structural changes, to sourcing, purchasing and installing products – right down to the final accessories.


THRIVE works with homeowners, family members, contractors, and even occupational therapists and health experts, as appropriate, to create a home re-design plan that best meets an individual’s specific needs.  THRIVE has relationships with a variety of service providers and networks to help individuals to get the support they need when they need it.